Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Years Eve!

Here we are at the Pajama Jammy Jam New Years Eve Party! David (my brother) and his fiance' hosted a pajama party at their house! My mom and dad bought new jammies for the occasion! Here we are with our crazy relatives... ;-)

Monday, January 7, 2008

Silver Springs,MD

Becca (my sister in-law) and Dan(her fiance') just purchased a new home! We were able to head down to Maryland for a visit to help them get settled in. Josh and the boys installed a new kitchen light for them...
Pajama Time! With all the busyness of the day we didn't get to open presents with just the two of us until that night! This was the best part of the day. Josh loves his new robe by the way... ;-)

Christmas day with the Dellipoali's!

Christmas Day was spent with the Dellipoali's and the rest of the clan(quite a few of us!) at my brother David and his fiance's house. My dad lead us in a few festive game. He is a real hoot!

Christmas Eve with the Gills!

We spent Christmas eve with the Gill side of the family,which was full of fun,lots of wrapping paper and lasagna! I think everyone was quite happy with their gifts!

Visit with Friends!

Our friends Stephan and Jen came for a visit from Conneticut! They brought their new chocolate lab Bella...