Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy June!

Dinner on the Patio with the Smerillo's!

We are so thankful for our patio! J & I have spent many nights out there enjoying dinner together and love entertaning our guests as well. Kristin and Ryan stopped by Memorial Day weekend for a cookout..

Hula Hoop!

Jacque and Haylee were the only ones in the fam who were able to do this successfully!

Tending to the Greener things in Life...

Great deal at a Yard Sale... Looks amazing with new paint! Please don't sit on it though. ;-)
J loves his ladder... A bit high for me though!

Our little tomato plants...!
Ready to plant!

Cornhole... What's All the Fuss About?

I came home from work last week to find these boxes with holes in the them,sitting on the floor of our garage. That handsome handyman who lives with me on Park Ave built the game Cornhole! Have you played? My brothers wife Jacque knew all about it. It's totally fun! I'm dreadful at it,but it's full of laughs and that is all that matters. So.. Josh has us playing it quite often these days!

Happy Mothers Day to our Mommies!

We also celebrated Annie's b-day before she left to go back to CA... She loves Carvel Cake and fortunately our local Shoprite carried it! :-)
We had a quite a feast to celebrate our Special Moms for all the prayers,love,discipline(I think i needed more than Josh!) and for being who they are! As you can see every One of our siblings were able to be there!

Becca's Shower!

The Gill Girls!
Annie quizzed Becca on a few questions!
We had my sister in-law Becca's Shower during Mothers Day Wknd.
Here she is opening her many gifts.... You know how it goes married ladies. ;-)
We are really excited as she prepares to marry Dan on the 4th of July!

Yard Sale at the Gills!

This is our 3rd Sale on Park Ave-The neighbors are probably ready to give us the boot! ;-) No joke- this is how my best buddy Abby and I make our extra stash for our Estate-shopping Saturdays,one of our favorite past times as married ladies. We truly love it and our husbands don't mind that we find great things so cheap... It's pretty amazing.. You all should try it sometime! Last week I found a tree hook for a hanging plant for $1.00!!

How cute are these little muffins?! We had our family and neighbors over for a pizza party one Friday night. Our cousin Madison and neighbor Alex thoroughly enjoyed sliding down the stairs... They were cracking up!