Sunday, January 18, 2009

Christmas day with the Gill side of the fam!

Christmas Dinner!
Dan got a Wii!
It's never too cold or snowy for a dip in the hot tub...
Josh's turn..
Mrs. Clause opening her gifts
How cute!
Mrs. Clause bought us all matching pajamas. We wonder what next year will bring! ;-)

Christmas Morning in our Home!

Merry Christmas 2008!
New fly fishing rod! Taking up a new hobby apparently.. ;-)
Fishing vest he was hoping Santa would leave under the tree...

Christmas Eve with the Dellipoali side of the fam!

We went to my cousin Dana and her family's house for Christmas Eve. Played many fun games,tracked Santa's travels with the kids and of course,ate too much!
Cousin Dave hanging out in his kitchen.
Mom,Dad,Uncle Corky and me
Dave,Jacque and Baby ? (TBD)

Holiday Party at the Smerillo's!

This is what our tree looked like when we left for the party!
This is what we came home too! :-)
Abby,Carrie and Jan... Kristin and Ryan made a great dinner for all of us.

Christmas Tree Chop!

Here's our pick!
We've made it a yearly tradition for the 3rd Christmas in a row to chop down our own Christmas Tree! We found a farm in a cute town by the name of Cherryville! They even gave out free hot cocoa and cookies... Josh loves those treats!