Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our sweet little boy...!

I think he's wondering what mommy is always doing with that flashy thing in his face!
Luke surprised with a debut in Philadelphia... 9:20 PM June 18,2009
He is such a love!
He just watches his daddy each night when he returns home from work. It is so cute!

On a visit back to Philly... we kept Josh company for the week.

Family vacation to Florida. Luke was able to meet his great grandparents..

Does this kid have personality or what? He must get it from his mother! ;-)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Working on the Nursery....

Cutting the chair rail...
Michael and Peter came to help.... They were amazing!

Memorial Day Weekend at the Park!

Mother's Day Picnic at our House

Mom was very excited to receive her very own digital camera!

Mariana at Nona's house!

Uncle Michael adores her...
Do you think they love this little girl or what!? ;-)

Mariana's Christening

Chris & Amy's wedding in NY

Two little surprises in there! Shannon ended up with a baby girl several weeks later...
I loved this first course plate... so yummy!

Joshs' highschool friends still love him very much!

Easter Weekend at Becca & Dan's

Becca's Birthday Bunny Cake! Happy 30th...

Our new friend Leah Rose...

Our very good friends Peter and Abby had little Leah a couple of months ago... They lover her to pieces and have quite naturally fallen into the role of great parents. We thought Josh could use a little practice!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Our new little neice.... Mariana CeCelia Dellipoali!

She is so sweet! David and Jacque are doing really well and are simply in love with this little girl.

West Palm beach Getaway with the Gill Family!

We had such a fun time with our family in the warm weather,so much so,I woke up crying this morning in New Jersey!
Aunt Sharon put together a wonderful cuban feast at her house!
Dan and I waiting patiently for dinner! Check out the black pool.....
That's me... swimming with the elderly at the retirement village.
Becca took a picture of me lounging by the pool..
It was a tad too chilly for a dip in the ocean...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Visit with the Maravich's!

Going for a ride with Mommy Jess.... Actually headed up for bedtime. ;-)
Good practice for Josh...
Little Joshua is such a good baby and quite a comedian as well. We love going over to visit,especially when mommy and daddy make lasagna for their guests!

Baby Wishes for our Abby!

Abby received many much needed items at her sweet shower. Her mom,Peter's mom and Carrie were wonderful hosts and put out a great spread! She is due on March 23rd and we can't wait!

Happy Birthday Carebear!

We celebrated Carrie's b-day a few months early this year,as her sister Abby will have a bundle of joy at the real time. Abby had a great idea to make it an extra special 30th for her. Josh was able to book us a fancy suite in aNew York City hotel and we took her out for pasta(one of her favorites) at the famous chef Lydia's restaurant BECCO close by! It was such a fun girls weekend!
Two pregnant ladies snuggling on the subway!

Michael graduates from Firefighter school!

We were so proud to be there for Michael's graduation. He really enjoyed Firefighter School and is now a local volunteer. He is a bit humble,but I thought I'd also mention he one the award for top sales in his company this past year and a brand-new free car!

Jacque's Shower!

Here is my sister in-law Jacque opening up the first of many gifts!
David and Jacque are waiting anxiously for their baby to come any minute!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Christmas day with the Gill side of the fam!

Christmas Dinner!
Dan got a Wii!
It's never too cold or snowy for a dip in the hot tub...
Josh's turn..
Mrs. Clause opening her gifts
How cute!
Mrs. Clause bought us all matching pajamas. We wonder what next year will bring! ;-)