Monday, September 1, 2008

Who let the bat in?!

These pictures are out of order... We'll do this backwards..
Josh let the bat go!
Josh trapped the bat!
Josh walking in to tell me about the bat!
We have no idea how the little bugger got in,but it certainly gave us a scare AND.... quite a laugh. I was not much of a help as I could not stop cracking up from the flying bat in our house and taking pictures of course.... ;-)

Happy Birthday Josh! #32!!

French toast for a birthday breakfast at home!
Holiday Inn breakfast with the Fam. Josh was very excited to receive a subscription to one of his favorite woodworking magazines!
We LOVE you Josh!

Tina "N" Tony's Wedding in Johnstown,PA!

The fam met up in Johnstown,PA for cousin Tina's wedding. Our weekend was super busy with the wedding,family party the next day,trip to the Flood Museum and a car ride past Josh's grandparents home where his mom grew up. At night, everyone met up at the local Folk Festival and a ride on the Incline...
1st time up the steep Incline! The ride was quick as a whip!
Riding with the Extended Family! They all came in for the wedding as well.
Our table was serenaded during dinner...

Ocean Grove Vacation....

What a wonderful week in Ocean Grove!

Catching the free Billy Idol concert on the boardwalk

Schucking corn for dinner!

Our Little Friend...

This is my friend Jess and her little man Joshua. He is such a smiley little boy. Jess and I took him to Costco on this day and he took a nap on our big bed afterward. Such a little peanut!

Fly Fishin with the Fam!

We signed up for a family fly fishing lesson to celebrate
Marks' B-day. Please note we did not learn in the water.
The first lesson is all about the casting,then you get to move
to the water for the next lesson. ;-)
Josh getting a little instruction...
This is a barn near the Bed "n" Breakfast where our lesson took place.
The luxurious restroom!